Nitrogen Shower

Hardening the roset of impulse ice cream products instantly.


After applying liquid toppings onto ice cream, fast solidifying of the topping is often necessary in order to allow subsequent processing.
Cryogenic freezing of the toppings is ideal to achieve this goal, by injecting liquid nitrogen onto the products so that it quickly crystallises or freezes. Fast topping solidification can also be crucial to allow increasing of production rhythm of an existing machine.


Ice cream topping freezing can be used for all applications where liquids are dispensed onto ice cream. More specifically, solidifying of toppings is needed for later horizontal transfer of cones or push-ups to freezing systems.

Sometimes cryogenic freezing can be useful to freeze surfaces and layers of ice cream components, before applying a next layer on top of it.


Use of liquid nitrogen allows to increase production capacity. Dohmeyer’s components can be easily integrated and fitted to existing ice cream filling lines.

Dohmeyer pays particular attention to safety aspects of cryogenic injection. All cryogenic components are contained in closed compartments, exhaust fans removes residual gases

Dohmeyer has developed different valves, injection systems, nozzles and porous stamps. This variety of tools is necessary in order to create the appropriate liquid nitrogen droplets or spray for every particular application.

Secondary nitrogen gas injection prevents the pop-up of lids, due to excess liquid nitrogen.


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