Batch freezer    



Cryogenic batch freezers use liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) or liquefied nitrogen (LIN) for discontinuous cooling and freezing. Controlled injection of the cryogenic gas lowers the temperature in the cabinet as the gas immediately evaporates. The latent heat of evaporation is the main source of cooling energy. Fans spread the gas in the cabinet in a controlled way and efficiently transfer the cold to the product’s surface.


Cryogenic batch freezers are used for discontinuous cooling, freezing or crust-freezing for a wide range of products.  Normally the operator loads the product onto trolleys equipped with wheels, before pushing them into the freezer. Applications can be found in the food industry, the pharmaceutical and metallurgical industry.


Although Dohmeyer’s batch freezers exist in standard dimensions, we can design tailor made cabinets that suit the specific needs of any individual application.

Dohmeyer’s batch freezers have walls with 140 mm of high performance thermal insulation. Thanks to vacuum insulation the floor is very low (26mm), with the entrance ramp integrated into the floor.


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Dohmeyer cabinet freezer