Immersion Bath

Very fast and intense cooling with a bath of liquid nitrogen.


Immersion bath freezers consist of a liquid nitrogen (LIN) bath, in which you can rapidly freeze products to very low temperatures by direct immersion in the cryogenic liquid at atmospheric pressure. Depending on the residence time in the cryogenic liquid, the products can be only crustfrozen (by a short immersion) or completely frozen (down to -195,8°C).
The mechanical equipment needed to immerse the product into the liquid nitrogen must be adapted to the specific application; we choose the best solution from a range of conveyor belts, loading/unloading robots, lifting systems, shovels, etc


Immersion bath freezers can be used for two purposes:

As stand-alone units, for freezing and/or crustfreezing. We can adapt the design to both continuous and batch processing.  Many of these applications are in the food industry, where bulk, free rolling and small products are immersed directly into the bath of liquid nitrogen. Other applications use liquid nitrogen to make metals or plastics extremely brittle for subsequent cryofracture, deburring or grinding. Demilitarisation of ammunition and recycling of solid waste are important applications.

As pre-cooling units, for removing excess superficial heat before further processing in the main section of an installation (e.g. mechanical freezing, coating, shaping,…).


Dohmeyer’s cryogenic immersion baths are tailor made.We take special care on safety issues such as avoiding liquefaction of ambient oxygen. Most immersion baths have thick polyurethane insulation walls although we also offer vacuum insulated panels wherever they present advantages.