CryoRoll for IQF Foodstuffs.


For continuous freezing of free rolling products


Rotary drum freezers consist of a sloping cylindrical drum, which is rotating around its axis.
Product and cooling medium are loaded continuously at the highest entrance point of the drum. By the rotating movement, both are intensively mixed while, at the same time, sliding to the lower exit of the drum. The stirring movement and the mixing prevent products from clumping together. Special paddles can be built in to ensure this happens.
Both liquid nitrogen (LIN) and liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) can be used as cooling liquid.
Exhaust fans at inlet and outlet extract the residual gases.


Rotary drum freezers require continuous input of product. Dohmeyer can propose buffer hoppers and supply conveyors to convert discontinuous product flows into continuous input.


Rotary drum freezers are best used for IQF freezing of free rolling, mostly small products. They are perfect for products consisting of separate pieces. Applications in the food industry are abundant: rotary drums freeze individual pieces (granules, crumps, cubes.. ) of fish and meat, pasta, vegetables and precooked dishes to IQF quality.

When wet or sticky products need to be frozen, we can cover the inner wall of the drum with a non-adhesive coating such as PTFE


For certain products it is best to use a double drum:

– the first, short and fast turning drum serves to freeze the surface of the product,

– the second, long and slow turning drum freezes the product in depth.



Dohmeyer’s cryogenic rotary drum freezers can be tailor made. Inclination, rotating speed, baffles,… can all be adapted to the specific needs of the customer. CryoRoll freezers are compact and often take up less space than other types of IQF freezing systems.


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Dohmeyer – Cryo Roll (2022)