Spiral Freezers  

Cryogenic hygienic freezers for large capacity.


Dohmeyer developed a range of large capacity freezers, known as the Optifreeze™ freezers. Optifreeze is the registered trade mark of Dohmeyer, representing a unique Spiral Freezer concept. OPTIFREEZE™ is a global player, supplying cooling and freezing equipment to the global food manufacturing industry. Committed to continuous innovation, the company is widely recognised as being at the forefront of chilling, freezing and hygiene technology.

OptiFreeze™ has a unique horizontal airflow design that maintains the same air temperature and air speed throughout all levels, minimizing residence time for the food products and reducing weight loss to obtain a higher yield.

Dohmeyer delivers custom-made, modular coolers and freezers and other items of chilling, cooling, freezing and proofing equipment, used around the world for the manufacture of convenience food and ready meals, frozen snacks, chicken, fish and poultry products, bread and bakery products and fruit and vegetables.

The Dohmeyer systems are custom-made based on the specific production requirements of each client. Using a modular concept Optifreeze™ enables  to minimise the installation time while providing its customers with maximum flexibility and efficiency in their manufacturing process.