Fat Glaze Crystallization                     


Unique process to speed up the hardening of the fat glaze in Sugar Cones.


Cone ice cream products benefit from the Fat glace crystallisation in 3 ways : rim hardening, reliable fat coverture and a reduced need of coverture.


The Dohmeyer Fat glace crystallisation unit is built to reduce the time that is needed to have the fat glace inside the sugar cone fully crystallisated.

Having a reliable barrier between the ice and the sugar cone can increase the shelf live of the cone products with +100% (up to 7 month).


Major cone producers over the world have the crispiest cones, thanks to a solid barier. This barier is fixed within 10 seconds after spraying the fat glace.
Picture left: 5,5 gram of Barry Callebaut glace compound. Reference product.
Picture right: 5,5 gram of Barry Callebaut glace compound. Product chilled with Dohmeyer Fat Glace unit.


The Dohmeyer unit is installed on new or existing cone filling lines. We have close collaboration and co-engineering with all major ice cream filling units.

Big drum engineering

BIG DRUM Engineering develops, builds and installs filling machines and systems for the ice cream and general food industry,
from 60 ml to 5,0 liter at an output of up to 50.000 units per hour. DOhmeyer and BIG DRUM Engineering builds machines and systems to the highest standards of reliability, efficiency and hygiene for the packaging of today´s most appealing food products.

BIG DRUM Engineering
Anraffer Strasse 2
D-34549 Edertal-Giflitz Germany
Phone: +49 5603 93 43 00
Fax: +49 5603 93 43 33
E-Mail: info@bigdrum-engineering.com

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