CFU Reduction

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Especially designed for inline Campillo Bacter CFU reduction by cold treatment.

Producers of high quality food are deeply concerned with the flavour, moisture content and texture of the finished product. The speed of formation of ice crystals in the foodstuff is the key factor affecting these qualities.

Rapid freezing using cryogenic gases (liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide or synthetic liquid air) gives you a frozen product that is more highly appreciated by the market


Our Poultry tunnels use liquid nitrogen (LIN) for continuous high power crust freezing. A special designed conveyor system moves the poultry carcasses along the tunnel. Controlled injection of a liquid nitrogen lowers the temperature in the tunnel allowing instant crust freezing on the skin surface. Turbulence fans inside the tunnel spread the gas in a controlled fashion and efficiently transfer the cold to the product’s surface.


Dohmeyers Poultry Tunnels are used in large slaughter houses for inline campillo bacter reduction. While the surface is undergoing a cold treatment, the inside process temperatures remains the same, fully preserving the quality and tenderness of the meat.


Although Dohmeyer’s Poultry tunnels exist in standard dimensions, we can design tailor made tunnels that suit the specific needs of any of your individual applications and requirements. Our poultry tunnel has a significant positive effect on the presence of campillo bacter on the surface of the carcasses processed through this piece of equipment.

Technical Data

Ask for our technical leaflet.