Research Centre

Dohmeyer is government approved for research.


Dohmeyer is a certified R&D organisation. Governmental subsidies can be obtained for research projects. Customers can benefit from financial incentives. We complement our own expertise in the field of cryogenics through intensive collaboration with universities and research institutes in several countries.

We use computational fluid dynamics and proprietary software for simulation of cryogenic processes. We calculate and visualize speed of cooling, flow characteristics of liquids and gases, and energy and gas consumption. Finite element analysis helps us to design apparatus that can withstand extremely low and high temperatures, exposed to pressure or to vacuum.


Dohmeyer builds prototype equipment for innovative cryogenic processes. We run realistic tests in our workshop or on site at our customer’s premises.
After an intensive selection procedure, Dohmeyer has been approved as an official Research Institute, by the French Ministry of Education and Research.


At Dohmeyer’s facilities in Belgium and Italy, manufacturing and R&D take place in the same environment, both using and contributing to a vast database to more accurately respond to market needs with technically advanced products. The market for cryogenic applications and ultra low temperatures has undergone tremendous diversification in recent years, with new demands on precision and performance. In response, Dohmeyer constantly seeks new materials and technologies to improve the quality of its equipment and components. Of equal importance is the maintenance and improvement of quality control systems at every step.

All of this is performed in-house, which has created a vast know how that enables direct access to specific information at a moment’s notice. This allows us to remain highly responsive to the needs of our customers, while retaining the ability to react to specific demands. As a result, the right products are delivered according to plan, on time, with the right specifications and performance.

Along with a reputation for providing advanced products of the highest quality, Dohmeyer’s integrated R&D and manufacturing system has also earned a strong reputation for reliability.