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We offer you on an ‘as is’ basis a powerful calculation tool for cooling and freezing equipment. Please read carefully the licence agreement before starting to use the software. During installation, the software will prompt you for an e-mail address and serial code. For more technical information, feel free to contact our software expert by mail or by telephone +48 17 788 98 18.

This software needs to be activated with a serial code (key). In order to obtain a personal key, you need to answer the questions carefully.

Click here to generate a software key.


Co2 Software

For calculating size, residence time and consumption for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) cooling and freezing.

Lin Software

For calculating size, residence time and consumption for cooling and freezing by spray or immersion.

Material Shrinkage Software

For calculating residence time, final temperature and consumption for cooling and shrinking materials (metals and plastics).

Dohmeyer will check your application, and send you the serial code via e-mail message within one working day. Each customer can apply for only one serial code. Repeat applications will be rejected. Thank you for your understanding.

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