Rotating Cabinet   


For more homogeneous discontinuous cooling or freezing.


Cryogenic batch freezers use liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) or liquefied nitrogen (LIN) for discontinuous cooling and freezing. Controlled injection of the cryogenic gas lowers the temperature in the cabinet as it immediately evaporates. The latent heat of evaporation is the main source of cooling energy. Fans spread the gas in the cabinet in a controlled way and efficiently transfer the cold to the product’s surface. The product trolley is locked onto a rotating platform, which ensures even and homogenous cooling of all sides of the product. This rotating trolley is important where a perfectly homogeneous product is required, as in the production of cured meat, fish and smoked products.


Crust freezing is an important use for cryogenic batch freezers in the food industry, for example in preparation for subsequent slicing. However, many producers also use them for normal freezing and/or cooling of meat, fish, prepared meals, bakery products, etc., because the total process cycle can be shorter than in a fixed trolley freezer, allowing higher productivity and production capacity.


Although Dohmeyer’s freezers exist in standard dimensions, we can design tailor made cabinets that suit the specific needs of any individual application.

Dohmeyer’s batch freezers have walls with 140 mm of high performance thermal insulation. Thanks to vacuum insulation the floor is very low (26mm), with the entrance ramp integrated into the floor.


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