Land EOD

Desensitise explosive materials.


You can desensitise the explosive materials contained in land mines and clusterbombs by immersing them in liquid nitrogen. At the same time, metal casings are embrittled and you can easily break them up by shear forces. Subsequent separation of the components of the ammunition allows for total recycling of explosives, metal, non-ferrous metals and plastics. No incineration or on-site explosion is necessary, thus reducing air pollution and CO2 emission.


You can use liquid nitrogen for stabilizing and desensitising dangerous ammunition.
Immersion in nitrogen creates a hard and vitrified surface, presenting high tensile strength. Unreliable electronic parts are super-cooled. Chemical reactions are slowed down. You can safely transport the ammunition.


Reduction of ammunition into small pieces is an essential preparatory step if you want to use the waste for generating energy. High-pressure jets of liquid (water, liquified nitrogen or CO2) will cut through explosives and propellants without detonation, deflagration, ignition or scorching. After cutting, the pieces are small enough for subsequent waste treatment and processing.


Immersion bath freezers consist of a liquid nitrogen (LIN) bath, in which you can rapidly freeze products to very low temperatures by direct immersion in the cryogenic liquid at atmospheric pressure.

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