E-mail: info@dohmeyer.com INFO: +32 9 2415222
E-mail: info@dohmeyer.com INFO: +32 9 2415222


Material stress forecast with finite element analysis.

With the use of FEA software, pressure vessels and pipelines can be designed according to a code (e.g. ASME or PED) to obtain certification from a Notified Body (e.g. AIB-Vinçotte, Apragaz, TüV, Stoomwezen, DNV, Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas).

Sometimes the design requires approval of elements that are beyond the standard sizes covered by the Code (e.g. a nozzle reinforcement that is outside the standard range). In that case, the correct design procedure using FEA permits approval.

In the illustration below, the stress distribution is shown in a pressure vessel (7 bar) with additional mechanical load on the flange.

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