Industrial Gases and LNG

Technologies for the industrial gas business

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge and understanding of cryogenics and of the behaviour of materials at very low temperatures, Dohmeyer is a valued global service provider to the industrial gas industry.

Dohmeyer takes care of project management of complex applications at the customers’ site. This collaboration with the industrial gas companies includes design and installation of many types of cryogenic equipment required for production and storage of the cryogenic gas.

Project Management
Tank installation
Tank and vessel refurbishment
Vacuum insulated piping
24h emergency service

Making in situ dry ice pellets

Super insulation for transport pipes of liquefied gases

Installation of storage vessels

Dohmeyer can repair and refurbish all cryogenic tanks and vessels for storage of liquefied gases. Repairs at customer’s site are possible, for example restoring of vacuum and replacing of obsolete instrumentation.