Waste Water Treatment

Ozone, Oxygen and CO2 applications

The use of gases in waste water

Liquefied air gases find many applications in waste water treatment. Most are non-cryogenic, for example ozone generation for oxidation of persistent pollutants, or oxygen for aerobic wastewater treatment.

Treated water from anaerobic wastewater plants often contains no oxygen. Liquid oxygen can be used to re-oxygenate the water prior to discharge.

The liquid state of the gas is mainly utilized to facilitate its transport and storage. Liquefied gas occupies only a fraction of the volume of gaseous gas, even when the latter is compressed to high pressures.

Correction of pH

CO2 is widely used to correct the pH of water. The easiest way to handle large quantities of CO2 gas is to transport it in liquid form at low temperature.


Dohmeyer can provide, install and maintain storage systems for liquefied gases.