Veterinary Reproduction

Control rate freezers for bovine, swine, equine and rabbit.

Control rate freezers

Liquid nitrogen plays an important role in the controlled rate freezing and cryogenic conservation of animal cells, semen and embryos. The cold energy and the low temperature of liquid nitrogen allow freezing at the right rate, with minimal cell damage. Combined with the application of appropriate cryoprotectants, the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-195,8°C) ensures optimum conservation of tissues and cells with maximum survival rate after thawing.


Dohmeyer is a valued partner of universities, veterinarian and research institutes for the development, design and manufacture of controlled rate freezers. Cryogenic procedures are essential for businesses active in animal genetics and artificial insemination of cattle and livestock.

Dohmeyer can implement complex projects, including freezing, low temperature storage systems and cryogenic pipelines.