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E-mail: info@dohmeyer.com INFO: +32 9 2415222

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing Industry Machinery. Machinery for the Industrial Manufacturing industries:

Industrial Gases and LNG
Non woven textile
Rubbers & Plastics

Cryogenic tunnels use liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) or liquefied nitrogen (LIN) for continuous cooling and freezing.

Installation of storage vessels.


The vacuum insulated snow horn, is a high efficient device making in situ dry ice snow at -78°C  / -109 F.

Making in situ dry ice pellets.

Super insulation for transport pipes of liquefied gases.

Immersion bath freezers consist of a liquid nitrogen (LIN) bath, in which you can rapidly freeze products to very low temperatures by direct immersion in the cryogenic liquid at atmospheric pressure.

Technology for processing of non woven textile.