E-mail: info@dohmeyer.com INFO: +32 9 2415222
E-mail: info@dohmeyer.com INFO: +32 9 2415222

Fish and Seafood

Freezing of fish, crustaceans, shellfish and seafood.


The world’s largest players in the fish and seafood market have adopted Dohmeyer’s technology to increase the yiled and quality of their products.


Dohmeyer has developed a range of freezers not only for freezing, but also for glazing. Adequate glazing of fish fillets and shrimps prior to frozen storage protects the final product from dehydration, oxidation and quality loss.

Dohmeyer developed a range of large capacity freezers, known as the OptifreezeTM freezers. Optifreeze is the registered trade mark of Dohmeyer, representing a unique Spiral Freezer concept.

Cryogenic tunnels using liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) or liquefied nitrogen (LIN) with top lifting cover.

Cryogenic tunnels use liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) or liquefied nitrogen (LIN) for continuous cooling and freezing.

Linear freezing tunnel with multiple superposed conveyor belts move the product backwards and forwards through the freezer.

Drum freezer for continuous freezing of free rolling products.

Cryogenic sauce and seasoning coating.

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