E-mail: info@dohmeyer.com INFO: +32 9 2415222
E-mail: info@dohmeyer.com INFO: +32 9 2415222

Fat glaze crystallization

Instant hardening of fat glaze in ice cream comets.

Forcing the fat glaze to crystallize, by cooling it with liquid nitrogen, leads to increased production capacity and longer shelf life.

Prior freezing prevents smearing of the fat barrier during ice cream dispensing and this guarantees an effective moisture barrier between the ice cream and the wafer.

Dohmeyer offers solutions both for batch and continuous processes. We can advise you on the right equipment for different phases of production (liquid, solid, paste) of finished or semi finished prepared foodstuffs.

Cryogenic tunnels use liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) or liquefied nitrogen (LIN) for continuous cooling and freezing.

Linear freezing tunnel with multiple superposed conveyor belts move the product backwards and forwards through the freezer.

Unique process to speed up the hardening of the fat glaze in cone products by and instant solidification of the chocolate layer. It improves the protective layer and increases the shelf life of the crispy sugar cone with 4 .. 8 months.

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